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Science & Space Socks

Love anything and everything pertaining to space and astronomy, look no further my internet friends, we've got you covered! Travel to the ends of the universe and explore galaxies in the ides of outer space wearing our awesome galactic space socks. Aliens, Constellations, sublimated Rocket Take Off and planet Earth socks, far away galaxies along with funky and freaky but ultimately the most unique of the bunch; dinosaurs and unicorns being abducted by UFOs! What's cooler than that?! The most interesting yet terrifying places, the known and the unknown. There's something so enticing about space, so much knowledge to be gained and discoveries to be made! So many different styles to choose from too, crews, over the calf sport socks that can also be worn for everyday use, sublimated tube socks (which are awesome) they hold color and image so very well even when stretched.